Rosedale Country Show

A mainstay of the country show calendar Rosedale Show in North Yorkshire attracts hundreds of visitors and entrants from across the North Yorkshire region and remains as popular as ever. Here’s a few from the show today…


L1003760 L1003778 L1003791 L1003808 Rosedale_Country_Show_0002 Rosedale_Country_Show_0003 Rosedale_Country_Show_0005 Rosedale_Country_Show_0007 Rosedale_Country_Show_0008 Rosedale_Country_Show_0009 Rosedale_Country_Show_0010 Rosedale_Country_Show_0012 Rosedale_Country_Show_0013 Rosedale_Country_Show_0014 Rosedale_Country_Show_0015 Rosedale_Country_Show_0016 Rosedale_Country_Show_0017 Rosedale_Country_Show_0018 Rosedale_Country_Show_0019


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